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Prepare for one man travel. 2007 年 01 月 02 日

Posted by changyuchao in Life.
I used to travel with friends or with one before.
It’s time to travel along.
Yes, it’s a little bit fresh but I think I will do it well with my own backpack.
I feel nothing but calm…no hot blooded, no excitation. only calmness.
Because I already put my heart in somewhere and never get it back…
Prepare for one man travel.
Prepare for a calm travel.
Only with my backpack.


1. Rainbowen - 2007 年 01 月 03 日

What happened…………………….:(

2. Soros - 2007 年 01 月 04 日


3. Yu-Chao - 2007 年 01 月 04 日

Soros 的問題還真是尖銳啊! XD

4. i_ALviN - 2007 年 01 月 05 日


5. Yu-Chao - 2007 年 01 月 08 日

For all the friends who went drinking with me yesterday.
Thank you!
It is a great night for man\’s talking.

6. jc - 2007 年 01 月 15 日

ha ha……..i was sleeping all my way through the man\’s talk………
hey……i was there for the drinks……



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