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Tempo 2007 年 01 月 27 日

Posted by changyuchao in Life.
It’s important for everyone to find a best tempo of act and to improve the capability to adjust tempo in any time.
Let’s define what is "tempo" first. The tempo is the speed when you proceed to living.
Different person has his or her own tempo, for example, 
if you enforce someone to accelerate the working speed then the result is depended on how capability could one adjusts his or her tempo.
That says, a person usually takes the tempo making him/her feel comfortable. and it will become a kind of habit when he/she is used to it.
And, no one has the same tempo with the others.
So, imaging when you are working in a team,
you must try to adapt the tempo of each individual and find out a best swing which is applicable to all of team members.
If you refuse to do that then you will be the black sheep in your group.
The best way to improve the capability of adjusting tempo is "time management" and "priority schedule" in my point of view.
Most people know that but only a few could implament it in day to day really including myself.
It Seems that I need to enhance this part quickly or I could not reach any goal of my plan in the future.
Time is almost up…


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