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You never know what it gonna be if MOBY plus Blue Man Group!!! 2007 年 02 月 19 日

Posted by changyuchao in Music.
Amazing! Fantastic combination. 
As all you know, Moby is the talent of electronic music and the winner of Grammy Award. I love his song very much. One song in his album "Play": Nature Blues, sung by a powerful black lady, was full of smell of New Age style.
In the near ceremony of Grammy Award, Blue Man Group and Moby represent a COOL show, What the wonderful match!
You can see many elements in Blue Man Group’s Show: not only the fantastic hitting sound but also colorful action and dream vision.
I call it "The Utimate show of Multi-media" and you can guess that one of my dream is to watch their live show some day.
Just press the play button then you will know why I get drunk with it.


1. TriniDing - 2007 年 03 月 05 日

I have never paid attention to the musician before, nor the new age music.  The sharing is wonderful.
It opened a new door for me to experience different music though I am not sure now whether I will
fall into it or not.  No doubt, he is talented.  He and Blue Men Group are a combination of high tech
and sentimental melody, which pushed the visual and audio effect to the extreme.  Yet, it brings up
a question, what\’s  next after our appetite becomes big? These musician/composer has to constantly push
themselves for something new.  That will be truly a big challenge.  We have to admit that good music
itself is the most important element and an indispensable foundation.  Moby is definitely talented, or
he won\’t have enjoyed such a great fame for so many years.  Will try to listen some of his other music.
Thanks again.

2. Yu-Chao - 2007 年 03 月 06 日

I can say: If you are used to listen certain of music styles for many years then you must have lost your young heart definitely! Because you thinking in a static formal and action in a static pattern, it means you are old. (Not only physically but also psychologically) Moreover, It means your brain has degenerated if you feel a music style, likes heavy metal, is some kind of noise. Did you ever see a old man who watch the same TV show and listen to the same music cassette? That is who you are in the future if you have the symptoms above. In my point of view … yap you already are, and I don\’t know if it\’s too late for you to make changes. What can I say? You have to do you best and pray the time won\’t affects you. Good Luck!



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