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First day travel brief in Jordan 2007 年 04 月 29 日

Posted by changyuchao in Traveling.
The flight arrived Jordan about 04:00 AM, then I take the taxi to the Palace hotel in downtown.
I took a shower and sleep to 08:30 AM, then I go to the Jerash to see the great Rome Ruin.
I will comple the rest of journey when I back to Taiwan. 


1. Rainbowen - 2007 年 05 月 03 日


2. 亭佑 - 2007 年 05 月 04 日

感覺到目前為止 好像都還挺安全滴…

3. Yu-Chao - 2007 年 05 月 11 日

To Debbie:
I back with peace!

To Cindy:
I saw your requirement when I backed to TW. So … I afraid that it is too late … :p



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