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Life in Silicon Valley this week 2007 年 06 月 18 日

Posted by changyuchao in Trendmicro.

From Monday to Friday – Work as a Trender in daytime!
IMGP7516 IMGP7519 IMGP7529
DSC04205 DSC04208 CIMG0001
DSC04214 CIMG0001 CIMG0002

And visited many famous enterprises in Silicon Valley such as headquarters of Apple,
DSC04279 DSC04292
DSC04290 DSC04297

our competitor headquarters of Symantec,
DSC04259 DSC04265
DSC04274 DSC04268

amazing headquarters of Google,
IMGP7647 IMGP7644 IMGP7651
DSC04303 IMGP7657
IMGP7654 IMGP7652 IMGP7663
IMGP7661 IMGP7656
DSC04310 IMGP7649 IMGP7648

and the others …
IMGP7541 IMGP7549
IMGP7542 IMGP7546

See more photos about eating, nightlife, traffic … in Silicon Valley!


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