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Echo show! 2007 年 07 月 15 日

Posted by changyuchao in Music.
Thanks to Randy who brought me to the Echo band’s show, Bastille Day, in The Wall after university classmate party on Saturday night. Its very hard to survive on underground music circle only with patience and dream, but Echo try to do it and they handle it pretty well. Their new songs which represent the reality of current world are full of rock power and energy. Besides, I am very superised at how they promote and publicize their ideas in this new album, not only in the lyric but also in the commercial technique.  You could download completed album from Ezpeer since 7/14 and its totally for free! I really don’t know if they want to search a new model or to complain about the situation in music industry of Taiwan. But one thing for sure, you must be gonna see what they have done in this new album, no matter the songs or the MTV.

By the way, the drummer in Echo band, YoYo, is really a beauty. Definitely, I will ask Randy to bring me some photos about her. And, of course, don’t give me any photo including you and her, would you? I want her solo, Randy!



1. 老喬 - 2007 年 07 月 15 日




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