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Diving in Green Island 2008 年 05 月 11 日

Posted by changyuchao in Scuba Diving.

A astronaut said: suba diving is the most similar activity to space walk because participant won’t be affected by gravity. Although Green Island can’t compete in water visibility and quality with Palau, however, it is still a beautiful place for diving. I tried to feed fishes this time and got a great pleasure, it is totally different with feeding fishes in tank. Hundred of fishes  surrounding you really makes you feel happy and excited and that is the most fantastic experience I ever have.
I forgot the bother of life temporary and put myself into a 360 degree unlimited blue world. The pure happiness was only thing you got down there. Maybe fishes get used to be feeded by diver, they don’t have any fear when I get close to them and even follow and observe me all the time: see how curious they are! The photo from the right side obviously demonstrate their cute behavior: the fishes and I are looking at each other and trying to establish some trustiness. It was taken by my diving coach Lin.
My buddies, Orion and Jones, have dived with me since the PADI open water course last year and we have cultivated a strong cooperative sense. Orion who wears in yellow wet suit is on the left side of photo below, and Jones  in blue is on the right side. The rest one who grabs a piece of bread and try to capture the moment on the middle is me. The main purpose of this diving trip actually is to join PADI advanced diver traning. We experienced night diving, big deep diving and underwater navigating. I must say the night diving is the most impressive one to us. Diver only can see a small area illuminating by flashlight under water,  and at the same time entire under water world is coverd by unkown and mysterious atmosphare. Unfortunately, my waterproof camera can’t capture the slight brightness so I can’t show you what is it like here. But trust me,  anyone who has diving license must have a try.
(From left to right of both photos above: Orion, Me and Jones. Shot by our diving coach Lin.)
Here is a video I shot when we dived near big mushroom coral, the most famous diving site in Green Island. You can see a big cocal raising from the sea floor just like a big mushroom.


To See all the other photos and videos, please visit my flickr online photo album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yuchao/sets/72157604930594216/ 



1. ANN - 2008 年 05 月 11 日

綠島的海底 真美~
更厲害的事 居然還可以邊潛水邊拍照邊攝影.

2. Yu-Chao - 2008 年 05 月 16 日


3. 小池 - 2008 年 05 月 21 日


4. Yu-Chao - 2008 年 05 月 21 日

Hi Watertoo,
很高興遇到同好呢!已經發出 MSN 聯絡人邀請了,下次有潛水活動可以聯絡聯絡!



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