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There is always a tomorrow 2009 年 01 月 21 日

Posted by changyuchao in Life.
Hours later, United States of America will have a new president and make a great history. It represents a new era of USA and honor the values they hold for centuries. I am glad to see it happens and feel excited to our world because it proves that the dream would eventually come true if you never give up the hope and keep fighting. Barack Obama this name means many. It is a symbol of true equitable society and a aspiration for innovation. Despite whether he could achieve his goal or not in the near future, we should cherish this historic moment and remember the spirit and soul we have today. Under his leading, USA would hopefully become more smooth and slick rather than keep being arrogant to international issues.

At the same time, after months preparing, it is time to put my cards on the table and see what’s gonna happen. Before the final result getting bright and clear, the top priority to me would be gradually back on track and find a efficient way to use this period of time. According to my observation and the response I got recently, the software industry is comparatively more healthy then others under the impact of economic crisis. Therefore, we should hold our confident and be positive. There is no permanent defeat and always a tomorrow! You just need to be prepared and catch the opportunities.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Happy Ox Year!


1. 其君 IEBasara - 2009 年 02 月 02 日

Oh no!… My mistake.I should control my temper…Thanks for reminding…^^||



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