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Nap 2009 年 03 月 01 日

Posted by changyuchao in Life.
Things were, things are and things not yet come to the past.
There is no intersection for them.
Don’t sink into history,
don’t waste treasurable time on offshoot,
and don’t undertake prediction to those we can not control and belong to unknown.

However, do keep the faith and do believe the good even when they lead you to a hard path.
You maybe earn nothing visually, nevertheless, your heart will be content.


1. 可愛莎 - 2009 年 03 月 04 日

Ising today only because is your birthday,Life itinerary in your beauty,All fine wishs of wish are always along with you,Let you every day be filled with the merriment! Happy birthday to you!!sasa

2. Yu-Chao - 2009 年 03 月 06 日

Hi SaSa,Thank you for your blessing. Unfortunately I can\’t hold a party to gather all my friends just like the past year because my rush schedule for applying.Hope you guys have a nice year too!



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